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Fall Updates & Resources

GOPAR's Fall 2022 Newsletter

Support Following Hurricane Ian

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe following Hurricane Ian. GOPAR knows that lost wages and unexpected expenses are a significant concern for many during this time, so we want to pass on the following resources... Our friends at the Entertainment Community Fund are here to provide emergency assistance to the Orlando entertainment & performing arts community. People may contact them by calling 917-281-5919, by email at, or submit an application at:

The Dramatists Guild Foundation has also put together an emergency grant for playwrights who have been impacted by Hurricane Ian. You can apply HERE.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact GOPAR for assistance or contacts to local resources.


Celebrating Doug (Ba ‘Aser) Bowser

Friends and family who organized last weekend’s three days of events in celebration of the life of one of Orlando’s most beloved actors - the late Doug (Ba ‘Aser) Bowser - and his outrageous and lovable drag persona (Taffy "Tired Old Whore" Pinkerbox) staged various remembrances as fundraising events.

One of those events was a memorial screening of a filmed version of Wanzie’s LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS, featuring Bowser, which was shown at The Abbey on Saturday, April 17. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this event were earmarked to seed the newly formed comedic scholarship fund to be awarded annually in Doug’s name by Orlando Fringe, and 50% was designated to benefit GOPAR.

The combination of ticket sales, raffle proceeds, paid photo ops, and on-site donations resulted in gross event income of $4,125.00.

Thank you to The Abbey which waived its rental fee, as well as Florida Theatrical Association, which graciously paid the labor costs for technicians and venue facilitators, thus making it possible for 100% of proceeds to go directly to the two designated beneficiaries of the event. Much appreciation goes out to Larry Watchorn and Wendy Connor of FTA and The Abbey, respectively. Also, to Laurel Clark, Jim Cundiff, Jeff Jones, Douglas White, and Rich Charron who all contributed time and talent to the event at no charge.

As a result of the generosity of all involved GOPAR is in receipt of $2,075 from this event.

For those of you who may not have been able to attend the sold-out screening at The Abbey, Wanzie Presents will be streaming LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS for your on-demand viewing pleasure through midnight on Sunday, October 2 with proceeds continuing to benefit the Orlando Fringe Doug Bowser Memorial Fund prize and the continuing work of GOPAR.

Access to the streaming of LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS is obtainable through Eventbrite.


Passing The Hat | A New Season Begins

The 2022/2023 theatrical season is upon us and with the slate of upcoming productions also comes the opportunity to “Pass The Hat” in support of GOPAR.

At the start of this new season we encourage all our partner organizations to kindly take the time right now (if you have not already done so) to identify which show on your schedule will be your designated “Pass the Hat” production, wherein you agree to have a cast member or member of staff make a brief on stage appeal on behalf of GOPAR and literally “pass the hat,” allowing the audiences at each presentation of that particular show the opportunity to contribute.

We ask that you Pass The Hat at the conclusion of every performance of only one designated show of your entire season.

When determining which show you will designate for this purpose you may want to consider when others are Passing the Hat in order to disperse the appeals throughout the season. The following are the commitments we have so far:

  • Theatre South Playhouse’s production of The Sound of Music in December

  • District 3 Thespian Festival in November

We would like to extend a huge shout out and thank you to the cast, crew, and the patrons of the production of On Your Feet at The Garden Theatre, who under the leadership of Joseph Walsh, collected $3,648 for GOPAR. Thank you for support and care of our theater community.

Once your organization has determined during which show will include Pass The Hat for GOPAR, please inform Janine Papin of the show title and run dates that GOPAR may publish that information for the consideration of others, and also that we may promote your show and recognize your efforts.

Our Pass The Hat initiative has proved quite successful thus far and we are grateful to those who have participated in recent seasons:

  • Orlando Shakes: $ 13,967.00

  • Garden Theater: $ 20,061.00

  • St. Luke’s $1,997

  • Theatre South Playhouse $500

  • Ensemble Company is Residence at Penguin Point $900

  • District 3 Thespians: $2,779

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