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GOPAR Is Here to Stay

Greetings! Here’s a quick update on the status of Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief, known as GOPAR.

While GOPAR was hurriedly formed to assist those in the Greater Orlando performing arts and theme park entertainment sectors whose incomes were negatively impacted as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic it quickly became evident to those involved in its formation that the challenges those who work in these fields face are unique and that individual hardships can and do routinely occur in the precarious lives of those who work in our local entertainment industry. For this reason the steering committee of GOPAR - recognizing the ongoing need for assistance outside the realm of a collective community crisis - have committed to formally establishing GOPAR as a permanent institution that may offer financial assistance and resources related to all manner of whole-person well-being to our area theme park entertainers, theatrical performers, designers, stage managers, and technicians in times of personal need or crisis on a year-round basis.

GOPAR has become incorporated and has filed the paperwork with the State of Florida to become a 501 (C) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization. In compliance with that application a Board of Directors has been delineated from within our steering committee and we invite you to visit our website to meet and read about these individuals:

GOPAR is currently funded and ready to assist.

We at GOPAR are keen to spread the word that we currently have funds and human resources available to assist those in need and that we are here to lend emotional and financial support - the requirement for which does not need to be pandemic related.

We also wish to make it clear that we recognize that being called back to work does not necessarily equate with being out of crisis. Those in need may apply for assistance even if they are back at work but are still under duress. Those who have received assistance may reapply if need still exists. If you know of anyone who may require assistance please familiarize them with GOPAR, and direct them to our website where they may easily apply.

Thank you to all who have donated!

Recognition and Sincere Special Thanks go out to:

District 3 Thespians, The Ensemble Company in Residence at Penguin Point, Garden Theatre, Orlando Shakes, Orlando Rep, Theatre South Playhouse, and Theatre at St. Lukes - all of which have honored their partnership obligations by making curtain speeches and passing the hat on behalf of GOPAR resulting in tens of thousands of dollars raised through the generosity of their patrons. GOPAR thanks not only those at the helm of these fine organizations but also every audience member who donated when encouraged to do so.

Of course we also wish to thank all those who have donated during one of our online fundraising events or through the GOPAR website where donations continue to be accepted 24/7:

GOPAR is here to stay! Help us spread the good word.

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