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Entertainment Community Fund Partnership

Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief has partnered with the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund). The Entertainment Community Fund has over one hundred and forty years of experience ensuring stability, encouraging resiliency and acting as a safety net for those who shape our country’s cultural vibrancy.


To provide accessible assistance during challenging times to individuals
throughout Greater Orlando who typically derive income from the performing

arts and/or theme park entertainment sectors. GOPAR’s goal is to remain sensitive to each individual’s unique circumstances, and to offer a holistic approach toward achieving long-term solutions for financial, physical, and emotional well-being.

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Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief (GOPAR) commits itself to equal treatment for all. There is and shall be no discrimination based on race, color, gender/gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or religious denomination, or lack thereof, nation of origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status, or any other federal, state, or local protected class.

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